It is our aim at Total Self Defence Academy to develop “Bully-Proof Confidence” in our members, to live a happy life and have fun doing it!  Our highly committed team of instructors are dedicated to teaching our members martial arts self defence skills in a fun environment, ensuring they learn how to protect themselves while improving their mental & physical coordination.  Being well known for our family atmosphere, we offer family memberships to encourage the whole family to enjoy our favourable sport. We are privately owned & have been established for over 20 years.

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Jaime Laing, Owner, Head Instructor  
4th Dan Black Belt HapkidoJaime
1st Place Australian Champion in Self Defence (2015)
2nd Place Australian Champion (2004)
Training since 2002 

BaAppSc (Exercise & Sport Science), Sydney University 2001

Jaime is a highly experienced trainer and motivator, coaching hundreds of people since 1997 in fitness and health.  Motivated to learn self defence and attain a “Black Belt”, Jaime started Hapkido in 2002 and didn’t stop once she achieved her initial goal, having a brief stint in tournaments before becoming a mum.

Jaime realized that developing a “Bully-Proof Confidence” in this day and age is not only essential but critical for all ages, quickly committing to building TSDA to help others live a happy life.


Kevin Laing, Master Instructor 

6th Dan Black Belt HapkidoKev
1st Dan Black Belt Taekwondo
2 Time World Heavy Weight Champion
13 Time Australian Champion Continuous Sparring Champion

Represented Australia in Commonwealth Games 1998.

Training since 1990

Kevin has a “presence” like no other instructor!  The kids love him, the adults admire him, and when he speaks, everyone listens!  Having been bullied at school himself, Kevin is committed to ensuring every student he teaches develops a “Bully-Proof Confidence”, and that they leave every class walking that little bit taller.  It is an honour having Kevin teach our students, for his experience in the art of Hapkido is second to none.


Lyndon McMasters, TSDA The Ponds Head Instructor  
4th Dan Black Belt Hapkido
Training since 1989
Level 1 Accredited Instructor MAIA
Dip Teaching 1997

Lyndon has trained in many martial arts over the years, but felt HapKiDo offers the most rounded experience a Martial Art could offer. 

Lyndon competed in many tournaments during his time rising to black belt, and found that teaching was the road for him. He decided to put his training on hold while he pursued a career in Education becoming a qualified Primary Teacher.

Lyndon decided to return to HapKiDo and teach, and inspire students to discover the benefits of this enlightening Martial Art. He combines years of Teaching and Martial Arts experience to enable you, as a student, to become the best you can be.

Lyndon is a husband, father of two, Bowen Therapist, Primary school Teacher and MAIA qualified instructor ready to offer you a learning experience in an environment that is conducive to any skill level. 

 photo of Lyndon


Shane Mellross, Senior Instructor

3rd Dan Black Belt HapkidoShane

Training since 1988

Level 1 Accredited Instructor MAIA

Started Hapkido in 1988 but left after a few years due to work commitments. 22 years later resumed training under Master Kevin. Initially started Hapkido to gain more confidence and boost self esteem.

I believe that everybody should be the best they can be and aim to reach their full potential.

Hapkido can help the smallest/quietest person achieve this.


Chris Bartlett, TSDA Blue Mountains Head Instructor

Chris2nd Dan Black Belt Hapkido

Head Instructor Chris has over 29 years of experience, is highly enthusiastic and knowledgable in Hapkido and it's history.

Chris is passionate about sharing his experiences and knowledge with his Blue Mountains community.


Davy Lau, Senior Instructor

4th Dan Black Belt HapkidoDavy

Training since 2007
Level 1 Accredited Instructor MAIA

Since starting his Hapkido training in 2007, Davy developed a reputation for his form, balance and technique.  What he may lack in size he makes up for with an impressive intensity fueled by a lifelong passion for the martial arts.

Upon stepping up as an instructor, Davy's reputation has evolved to include a keen eye for detail and technical knowledge.  Want to know how to throw that kick better?  Davy has a hint for you.  Don't remember a move in your belt?  Davy can remind you.


Andrew "Kappa" Cappielli, Senior Instructor

3rd Dan Black Belt Hapkido Kappa

Trained since 2005


Kappa is an incredible martial artist, having competed extensively in tournaments.

Kappa is also trained in Muay Thai/Kickboxing & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Kappa is inspirational, and one thing is for certain - you will walk out of his classes sweaty and having learnt something new.


Jake Obid, Senior Instructor  

2nd Dan Black Belt Hapkido

Jake has a passion for sharing his knowledge of Hapkido with students.  With over 7 years of experience, his developed powerful striking techniques, well executed self defence skills and bringing the "wow factor" to each class.  His classes are not one to miss.  When students leave Jake's classes, they leave with a higher level of confidence then when they first walked in.  They leave with a mentor to look up to and a sense of belonging.
jake photo


Alex Ries, Instructor

2nd Dan Black Belt Hapkido Alex

Training since 2008

I started my martial arts career doing Go Kan Ryu Karate where I trained for 4 years and achieved a green belt. I decided to change arts as there wasn't any self defence aspect involved with this martial art. That is why after a break I joined TSDA. I have risen through the ranks and after 7 years am now instructor myself and I teach with the same passion as my instructors did, helping anyone and everyone who is looking to build Bully Proof Confidence.


Hasan Karabork, Instructor

2nd Dan Black Belt Hapkido Hasan


We have had the priviledge of teaching Hasan since he was 11 years of age, and we couldn't believe the natural ability he possessed.  


Jasmine Ries, Junior Instructor

2nd Dan Black Belt Hapkido Jasmine


Don't mistake this smile for a soft, gentle girl!  Jasmine has an inner tiger that is unleashed when teaching!

Specialising in our Juniors classes, Jas ensures all students learn in a fun environment whilst developing focus, listening skills and developing confidence.

Ian Babb, Instructor

1st Dan Black Belt Hapkido Ian
3rd Dan Black Belt Taekwondo

Training since 1995

Ian has been studying martial arts for over 20 years.  He started in Taekwondo when he was 9 years old where he achieved 3rd Dan Black Belt.

Ian then went on to study a variety of other arts such as Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Kali and Zen Do Kai.

After studying these other forms of martial arts over 10 years, Ian then decided to train in Hapkido which he achieved 1st Dan Black Belt and joined our team of Instructors.

Ian is an incredible instructor who is passionate about helping people become more confident in themselves like his instructors helped him over his years of training.