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Formula of Success


What does success mean for you?  

It can mean so many different things, but the one common meaning is that success is personal.

This question was once asked to a group of employees I was a part of (many years ago!) and the astounding thing to me (to a young 20 year old) was every single person had a different answer!  I actually couldn't believe it.  However, as a 20 year old (of course I knew it all back then) this came as a shock and something that has taken me (gulp) almost 2 decades to grasp and appreciate.

Success is simply the achievement of anything you set your heart on!

Alot of members who start their journey with TSDA, have the goal "of getting their Black Belt".  A great goal, definitely.  However there are many mini milestones before that "big" goal.  No one can come to one, two or a few classes and be awarded their Black Belt.  It takes classes upon weeks upon months upon years to achieve that status.  

So why do people give up before they achieve their goal?  Whether they give up before getting their Black Belt, or whether it is another goal, there are a number of reasons why a goal isn't accomplished.

1.  Obtacles Stop Them ~ ie "Things" Happen - that's life, unfortunately!  Things will pop up ALL THE TIME.  What is going to determine whether that goal seems further away or if at all achievable, is HOW you respond to the obstacle or challenge.  Sure, give yourself a short amount of time to process the challenge, but then do something about it!  Which leads me to my next point.

2.  Action! Any goal - no matter how big or small - cannot be achieved by doing NOTHING!  You need to ACT!  Even small steps add up to leaps and bounds.  So what are you waiting for?

3.  Failing to Plan - another reason a goal may not be achieved is, there is no plan!  You may be acting, you may be taking steps but are they the steps you need to achieve your desired goal?

4.  The hard decisions can't be made.  If you were the person you needed to be right now in order to have that goal, you would already be there or have it, no?  Some hard decisions, around who you are, may need to be made in order for the goal to be achieved, some that you may not be comfortable with. I can reassure you, however, that if that goal is worth achieving, the person you will BECOME along the way will be an improved version of you, and you will have done what you set out to do!

5.  Stopping just short - Being in the fitness industry for 18 years has allowed me to watch many people achieve great fitness and health goals.  And also witness a lot fall short, just when they were about to "make" it.  The key to acheving anything is persistance!! You have to trust in the process and just keep going, no matter how hard it gets, no matter what obstacles and challenges pop up!  Keep going, because you really don't know how close you are, and why would you stop when you might almost be there?


These can be summed up by the formula for success:

Success = Think + Idea + Try + Act + Act Again +(Possible Obstacle) + Act Again + Keep Acting!

Take it into whatever goal or goals you are currently working on!  And please share your successes  - or challenges with us - we'd love to hear them!



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Winter is just around the around the corner and the cold weather is coming. This is the most important time to keep up your training and not slacken off.

The benefits on training in winte...

It is important to keep your training up during winter, as it helps with the blood flow through your body and keeps you from getting injuries, torn muscles and ligaments. Training through the cold months of the year gets you out of the winter blues.

At TSDA the atmosphere is energetic all year round!


During winter, muscles seem to tighten up. Doing extra stretching will help you prevent your hamstrings, backs and arms tightening up.

Members should stretch every 2nd day. Your hamstrings are like elastic bands. As you stretch your hamstrings on day 1, you rest on day 2, allowing the hamstring to slightly retract and recover. Then on day 3 you stretch your hamstrings again, then repeat the cycle.


This will allow you to become more flexible over the years. Allowing you to reach further, kick that bag high and easier and most of all reduce your injury rate,especially during winter.


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More Than Just "Self Defence!"

The most obvious benefit to training in martial arts is learning self defence, which knowing how to defend oneself and loved ones in a potentially dangerous situation is an asset in today’s world.  However, martial arts is not just about fighting.  Martial arts training actually helps and improves performance in other sports!  Yep you read that right!

Soccer - training in martial arts helps soccer perfomance in controlagility, endurance, speed, coordination.  Learning to manoeuvre quickly, and precisely is developed through our free sparring component of our training.  Training at TSDA also develops cooperation and teamwork skills - critical skills for team sports like Soccer!

Netball - netball requires skills of control, agility, speed, endurance, coordination and balance.  Our students develop control in our self defence training, and balance is improved in performing every kick!   Training at TSDA also develops cooperation and teamwork skills - critical skills for team sports like Soccer!

Gymnastics - one word - flexibility!  We work on our flexibility every class!  The fluidity of our movements also aids in asny gymnastics training.

Football - hand and foot coordination is essential in playing football and undertaking martial arts training improves this skill required.  All of our movements develop and improve coordination of the whole body.   Training at TSDA also develops cooperation and teamwork skills - critical skills for team sports like Soccer!

Dancing - balance, flexibility, coordination, fluidity are all skills required for dancers.  Fluidity is critical in martial arts and is developed in every class with practising our self defence techniques.  Movements that are not fluid, become rigid and "jolty".  In TSDA, we practise our skills using circular movements and our students develop fluidity as their bodies "feel" the flow of the movements.

Training in martial arts is the perfect sport to accompany another sport!  The benefits don't just stop with the above sports.  Other sports such as Athletics, Swimming, Softball, and Tennis also benefit from the improvements gained in training in martial arts!

Just another reason, on to of learning essential life skills, that training in martial arts is a GREAT sport at any age!

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Does Your Child Know How to Stand Up to A Bully?

The sad truth is that no one is safe from bullying.  As parents, we want to wrap our children up in cotton wool and protect them as much as we can.  Unfortunately statistics show an overwhelming number of Austalian children are bullied daily.

It doesn't end just in the school yard.  Unfortunately even as an adult, bullying exists in work places as well as in friendship circles and even in your own family.

We were overwhelmed reading about bullying on the link below.  Did you know that in 87% of the cases reported on bullying that peers were present?  So called friends that stood by, not sayig anything or doing anything.  Shocking.

At TSDA, it is all about "Developing Bully-Proof Confidence".  We may not be able to stop bullying but we can most certainly ensure every time a member walks in the door at TSDA, they walk out a little bit taller, a little more confident, with a little more self belief, with effective self defence skills, and in knowing WE HAVE THEIR BACK.

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The Journey of Hapkido ~ After Black Belt

99.9% of members goals when starting Hapkido is to gain their Black Belt.  It definitely was the case for Master Kevin and Ma'am Jaime too.  When a new member starts training at TSDA, grading can be undertaken every quarter.  Focus, concentration and motivation can be maintained easier given there are only 10 - 12 weeks between gradings.  As they get closer to attaining their original goal of Black Belt, the excitement of years of training and what it means increases. The sense of accomplishment, achievement and pride is well deserved, with years of training paying off the minute they put on their Black Belt with their name embroidered in gold on it.

What then?

Leading up to that point, everything was about "that" Black Belt.  So where to then?  After a student attains their 1st Dan Black Belt, there is 18 months before they can grade again, and after that it is 2 and a half years and so on.  The motivation levels can be tested during these extended times between gradings.  And despite the extended length of time between gradings, it is critical to continue training - think of an elastic band that is pulled and twisted every which way, then stops.  Over time the elastic band becomes stiff, brittle and weak - so much that if you tried to stretch it out again, it would snap!  This is identical to your muscles and what happens when your stop using them.

Another reason to ensure you continue training is that in the unfortunate even of you needing to use your self defence skills, there may not be time to stop and think, "Oh, what was thay move again?"

So at TSDA, we have a pathway for our Black Belts to follow to keep their motivation loevels up, to increase the advanced skills, to start "applying" what they have learnt!  The possibilities and opportunities are endless!

See below just a few of the opportunities and pathways for Black Belts at TSDA - for more information, please see Master Kevin or Jaime!


New Member  ---> Coloured Belts  ---> Black Belt  ---> 1st Dan (18mths), 2nd Dan (2 & 1/2 yrs) etc

New Member  ---> Coloured Belts  ---> Black Belt  ---> Leadership Program

New Member  ---> Coloured Belts  ---> Black Belt  ---> Assistant / Trainee / Senior Instructor

New Member  ---> Coloured Belts  ---> Black Belt  ---> Advanced Weaponary Training

New Member  ---> Coloured Belts  ---> Black Belt  ---> Tournament Training / Competition

New Member  ---> Coloured Belts  ---> Black Belt  ---> Own your own TSDA!

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