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It is our aim at Total Self Defence Academy to develop “Bully-Proof Confidence” in our members, to live a happy life and have fun doing it!  Our highly committed team of instructors are dedicated to teaching our members martial arts self defence skills in a fun environment, ensuring they learn how to protect themselves while improving their mental & physical coordination.  Being well known for our family atmosphere, we offer family memberships to encourage the whole family to enjoy our favourable sport. We are privately owned & have been established for over 30 years.

Our youngest student is 5 years of age & we dare not tell the age of our most mature member! TSDA has had the privilege of teaching hundreds of people self defence from school teachers to law enforcement officers to littlies who don’t even go to school yet!  Whatever age, whatever skill level, we provide equality & commitment to your training & learning whilst encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.

TSDA is proud to have 7th Dan Black Belt Junior Grand Master Kevin Laing training with the Academy.  Master Laing has been studying Korean martial arts for over 30 years & holds 2 World open styles titles and 12 Australian titles.  Kevin is the 2nd person in Australia under The Hapkido Federation to hold a 7th Dan Black Belt.  A massive achievement!

The team of instructors at TSDA all work toward a common goal, of ensuring our members build their confidence to live a happy, healthy life both at school/work and at home.  TSDA is of the highest standard of martial art instruction in Australia ~ a standard we continually ensure we remain at.

TSDA’s approach & training methodologies have been designed to meet the needs of all members at all ages & skill levels. TSDA caters for a variety of students from casual self-paced learners, to highly focused individuals looking to develop in many of the disciplinary, artistic & competitive areas of Hapkido.

Our training equipment includes floor mats for lower body protection & safe landings when training jumping kicks, grappling, rolls, take-downs.   We use kicking shields & focus mits for enhancing your skills & power with kicking & punching techniques.   We do offer both non-contact and full contact training, depending on the member’s age, experience and desires.

Total Self Defence Academy has the skills, experience and care to ensure every member develops a “Bully-Proof Confidence” and to live a happy life while having fun doing it!

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