Building Resilience For Life!

2e1ax default entry Resilience tiggerMost people have all felt down or hard times at some point in our life, where we have been broken.  For children, it may be through a separation, changing schools, or their friends leaving their school, or even an unfortunate death of a loved one/family pet.  Any of these could be an emotional, physical or mental state of deterioration.  Many things can lead to the status many refer to as, ‘falling to pieces.’   Thankfully, most of us, simply bounce back.  This process is referred to as being resilient.

Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from difficulties, tough situations, or events that can cause stress and adversity.  You demonstrate resilience when you are faced with a difficult experience and you rise above it with ease.

Resilience can be nurtured and learned – at any age, it is not something you are necessarily born with.  It is merely the skill and the capacity to be robust under conditions of enormous stress and change.  Some key factors to building resilience include:

  • positive relationships inside and outside the home
  • setting realistic goals and taking steps to achieve them
  • developing communication and problem solving skills
  • being able to manage strong impulses and feelings
  • the ability to balance negative emotions with positive ones
  • being optimistic and having empathy for others

Training in martial arts develops all of these skills and more – we call them life skills.  Here is a breakdown of how training in martial arts at TSDA can build, develop and nurture resilience:

Positive Relationships – At TSDA, we pride ourselves in the environment we have created – one of positivity, bully-free, and a sense of family and belonging.  Anyone walking into TSDA can feel this immediately.  Our instructors are black belt students that have walked the walk before talking the talk.  They are encouraging, inspiring and are definite role models.

Setting & Achieving Goals – From the moment you start training at TSDA, you are working toward a realistic goal – your yellow belt.  Together with your highly qualified instructors and fellow team mates, every class you learn something new, and you work toward your goal.  Students never feel alone on their journey, they feel us “in their corner”.

Being Able to Manage Impulses/Strong Feelings – training to compete in tournaments isn’t pushed at TSDA, however we do offer extended training for those wanting to step up their skill level in regards to control, attacking and defence.  This is in free sparring.  Training in free sparring develops emotional control, physical control and mental control.  All of which easily filter into the persons resilience bank.


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