Bullying Doesn’t Just Mean Physical Harm…

2e1ax default entry black and white pictures of people crying 2 largeAt TSDA our motto is “Developing Bully-Proof Confidence For Life”, though learning physical self defence techniques to be able to protect yourself.  However, physical harm isn’t the only way bullies can target.  At TSDA, we believe every body deserves to live a happy, confident, bully-free life, being the best each of us can be.  We teach our students to use their voice, by shouting when we stricke the bags, displaying confidence in our actions.  But what about “hidden” bullying?

The National Centre Against Bullying lists 4 types of bullying: (http://www.ncab.org.au/parents/typesofbullying/)

1. Physical – learning self defence skills such as those taught at TSDA, enables you to be able to protect yourself.  Bullies pick on people that they see as weaker than them, but most times once retaliated at they move onto another target.

 2. Verbal – this includes name calling, insults, teasing, intimidation, homophobic or racist remarks or verbal abuse.  At TSDA, our voices are LOUD.  This is the one place our students can be as loud as they can be.  Learning to use your voice (plus having the physical skills to protect yourself as above) is critical to standing up to people who verbally bully others.  Another trait developed by training at TSDA is your posture.  Developing a strong confident posture displays to bullies you cannot be intimated.

3.  Covert or hidden bullying – this type of bullying is harder to recognise and is usually done behind someones back.  Things such as lying and preading rumours, negative facial or physical gestures, playing nasty jokes to embarress and humiliate, unkindly mimicking, encouraging others to socially exclude someone, damaging someones rep[utation or social acceptance.  This type of bullying Ma’am Jaime experienced during her high school years and is very damaging.  TSDA provides an environment to develop your self confidence and self esteem to be able to stand up and say, “I will not be treated that way”.  TSDA is your outlet, and your support to deal with negative, harsh bullies.

4.  Cyberbullying – these days can happen at any time, even in the safety of your own home. It includes abusive, hurtful texts, emails, posts, images or videos but also includes spreading nasty gossip or rumours, deliberately excluding others online and even imitating someone by using their log in.  This is dangerous bullying and can leave the target feeling so alone and helpless as there is no safe place.  This type of bullying even hits in their own bedroom.  TSDA – along with the above techniques already described – help give their students a voice, to be able to either tell someone, ask for help, or even with their improved self confidence, believe in themselves that they do not deserve to be bullied and will stand up and say NO.

Bullying is so destructive and can be life changing.  If you know of anyone being bullied, be their support, and know at TSDA you always have our support and we are here for you.


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