Do Self Defence Techniques Learned at TSDA Really Stick in Your Mind for When You Need It?

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This is a common question, especially for new members, or people thinking of joining TSDA.  Do you remember what you have learnt should you ever (heaven forbid) need it?  There is only one answer and it’s quite simple…YES!

Here are 4 real life examples of students of TSDA that have used what they have learned to protect themselves…(for the privacy of all students, names will remain anonymous!)

1.  A female primary school student was being harrassed and bullied by a larger male student.  The bullying had been reported to the school on numerous occasions, and nothing was done to rectify the issue.  After – as most people that hav been bullied know – what seemed like forever of being harrassed, her parents said, “If you need to use Hapkido, use it.”  The next day, again he was harrassing her, she turned around and ave him one swift push kick into the belly which caused him to fall backwards, and she yelled in her “Hapkido” voice – STOP BULLYING ME!  He never harrassed her again.

2.  A female adult student found herself in a precarious situation at a party, with a male “Pacific Islander”.  Thank goodness, she knew Hapkido, and after using several techniques, she got away, uninjured, and safe.

3.  A female adult student was being harassed on New Years Eve by an older lady.  This lady was “in her face” and kept trying to provoke and start a physical confrontation with the TSDA student.  After 4-5 times of requesting the lady to step away – which she didn’t – the TSDA’s second nature caused her to perform a single “knife strike” to the attacker.  Needless to say the attacker “got out of her face”.

4.  A male adult TSDA was forced to protect himself against not 1, not 2, not 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 but 8 male attackers at a local pub.  Although the male TSDA member was not initially involved in the altercation, he became involved by “being there” and thank goodness knew how to protect himself.  This altercation lasted 14 – long – minutes before police turned up.  This TSDA member protected himself as he fought off the attackers – and you can imagine the endurance needed!  He was injured however remained calm, and was able to protect himself far more than the other patrons.

These examples indicate – that when needed – the self defence techniques learned become second nature in our students minds and bodies.  We never want any of our students to have to use any techniques learned, but it is very reassuring to know they are equipped with self defence should they ever need it.

All students mentioned are proudly still students of TSDA!



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