Does Your Child Know How to Stand Up to A Bully?

2e1ax default entry 11081288 791228294295509 5006058396989369964 nThe sad truth is that no one is safe from bullying.  As parents, we want to wrap our children up in cotton wool and protect them as much as we can.  Unfortunately statistics show an overwhelming number of Austalian children are bullied daily.

It doesn’t end just in the school yard.  Unfortunately even as an adult, bullying exists in work places as well as in friendship circles and even in your own family.

We were overwhelmed reading about bullying on the link below.  Did you know that in 87% of the cases reported on bullying that peers were present?  So called friends that stood by, not sayig anything or doing anything.  Shocking.


At TSDA, it is all about “Developing Bully-Proof Confidence”.  We may not be able to stop bullying but we can most certainly ensure every time a member walks in the door at TSDA, they walk out a little bit taller, a little more confident, with a little more self belief, with effective self defence skills, and in knowing WE HAVE THEIR BACK.


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