How Do I Tie My Belt?

Tying a belt – especially when you are just beginning – can seem like doing a puzzle of a thousand pieces!
Master Kevin demonstrates how to tie our belt on our YouTube channel.  Check out the video on this link:

Otherwise follow these easy steps!  Don’t worry, it will come effortlessly soon enough!
  1. Place one end of your belt in the small of your back and wrap the entire belt around your waist.
  2. Let go of the top end of your belt so there will be a short belt hanging.  Keep holding onto centre of all belt at your navel.
  3. Pull the very bottom belt out so there are now 2 pieces of the belt hanging.  Be sure to hold onto the centre of all of the belt so it does not unravel.
  4. Check both sides of the belt are the same length and twist around to waist to correct if they are not.
  5. Loop the top belt under all of the belt at the center of the belt.  Bring it up and out of the top and tighten.
  6. Loop a knot using the top belt again to cross the other belt only.   Tighten!
  7. You should have created an “X” with the knot of the belt!


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