How often should I train and do classes?

2e1ax default entry 666HapkidoIn today’s lifestyle, we seem to try and squeeze every second out of every minute, so how often you train can simply come down to what nights you have available to train!  It is a personal choice based on your own availabilities and schedule, however there are some things you need to consider when thinking about this.

Firstly our class schedule at TSDA is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s active families.  We have classes 5 days a week, all at varying times and class levels, to suit most people schedules.

No two students are alike, and therefore there isn’t a clear answer to this question.  Every student learns at different rates and retains information differently.  In our experience, of over 25 years of teaching, we have found those students who train twice or three times a week, grasp the techniques and skills faster than those who only training once a week.   The flow and fluidity of movements are better, plus new techniques are absorbed faster.  As with anything, practice is key and the more you train, the better the martial artist you become.

For any skill to be second nature, or to be retained for “when you need it”, the skill needs to be repeated, repeated, repeated and then repeated again!  At TSDA we have at-home tools to help you practice your techniques and kicks for each belt with our TSDA DVD’s.  Every student should be practicing at home, even if you train more than once a week.

It is our recommendation to train two to three times a week (especially in the beginning), however we also recognise the importance of family and work.  If this isn’t possible, you should, at the very least, practice every day with your DVD’s.  This will ensure your time in class is used to correcting the execution of the techniques you already know and then learning new skills and techniques.

Happy training and practicing!


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