How will I know when I’m ready or my child/ren are ready to grade?

Training in martial arts is about learning techniques, perfecting techniques and practicing the techniques for them to become second nature!  Our instructors assess our students leading up to grading to determine whether they are ready to grade, however there are a number of aspects you can control to ensure you are ready to grade!

What you can do to prepare adequately and confidently for grading:

Training frequency is definitely an assisting factor for preparing for grading.  The more you train, the more you receive assistance from your instructor and peers, the more confident you will be in performing your self defence techniques!  Attending 20% of your scheduled classes, for example, isn’t good attendance and can leave you feeling unsure and definitely not confident.  Things happen in life that can affect your scheduled weekly class, but remember to organize your make-up lesson, which is available to you up to 4 weeks after the missed lesson!

Practicing at home is a sure fire way to adequately prepare for grading!  There are 168 hours in a week and some students only attend TSDA for one hour a week!  In comparison to the whole week – that’s not very long!  TSDA has at home DVD’s for you to practice your specific kicks to your belt as well as your self defence techniques!  Ensuring you practice at home also prepares you for your next class here your instructor will teach you 1-2 more techniques!  Obviously if you haven’t practiced through the week you need to remember and go over your previous weeks techniques before adding more!  So how many times – in your 168 hours this week – have you practiced?!

Ultimately we give all of our members feedback as to how they are travelling with their preparation for grading.  However, you can ensure you are ready by simply attending your classes and practicing at home!  Good luck for everyone who is preparing for their upcoming grading!


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