How will training at TSDA help my child/ren?

At Total Self Defence Academy, our students develop life skills of increased confidence, self-respect, setting and achieving goals, improving focus and discipline, and enhancing socialization skills – essential life skills to living a happy life.  Learning and mastering street smart techniques specific to how to defend yourself  leads to higher self-confidence.  As your child/ren master new techniques and undertake gradings to move to the next belt, they will feel a sense of accomplishment and with it, improved confidence.  With greater confidence, outside the Dojang, students are more likely to stand up and say NO in peer pressure situations, or stand up for themselves in negative scenarios.

It gives us great satisfaction when a student with a lower sense of self worth blossoms and becomes self assured, which is evident in their stance – grounded, tall and unshakable, and with a sense of focus and strength in their eyes.  This improved confidence coupled with the physical ability to protect oneself and the health benefits of a stronger, more balanced, flexible, and coordinated body makes Hapkido a holistic craft that supports the individual in all areas of life

Confidence in oneself is essential to achieving anything in life.  Our students are able to take what they learn in our Dojang into their social, family, school and work life.  It is with a sense of calmness that these benefits affect the student and those around in a positive way

More benefits of training with TSDA include: instilling self-respect and self-control, as well as improving discipline, focus and learning how to set, work towards and achieve goals.


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