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2e1ax default entry parkThank you to one of our member’s mum, Tina Bright, for frowarding on this article!
One of the best things about Hapkido is the fact that anyone of any size can defend themselves against any opponent of any size.  Thank goodness this girl knew martial arts so she could protect herself…just one of the reasons we do what we do!  Here is a snippet of the article.  For the full article, go to:

School girl, 14, uses her martial arts skills to fight off attacker, 35, in Sussex park


A schoolgirl fought off a man 20 years her senior when he grabbed her in a park in Sussex, by using her martial arts skills.

The 14-year-old was walking home through Tilgate Park in Crawley when a 35-year-old man took hold of her from behind, police told ITV News.

Having studied martial arts for many years, the teenager was able to escape from her 5ft-7inch attacker before punching and kicking him.

Sussex Police arrested the man shortly after the attempted attack on Saturday morning and are appealing for any witnesses to come forward.


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