The Journey of Hapkido ~ After Black Belt

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99.9% of members goals when starting Hapkido is to gain their Black Belt.  It definitely was the case for Master Kevin and Ma’am Jaime too.  When a new member starts training at TSDA, grading can be undertaken every quarter.  Focus, concentration and motivation can be maintained easier given there are only 10 – 12 weeks between gradings.  As they get closer to attaining their original goal of Black Belt, the excitement of years of training and what it means increases. The sense of accomplishment, achievement and pride is well deserved, with years of training paying off the minute they put on their Black Belt with their name embroidered in gold on it.

What then?

Leading up to that point, everything was about “that” Black Belt.  So where to then?  After a student attains their 1st Dan Black Belt, there is 18 months before they can grade again, and after that it is 2 and a half years and so on.  The motivation levels can be tested during these extended times between gradings.  And despite the extended length of time between gradings, it is critical to continue training – think of an elastic band that is pulled and twisted every which way, then stops.  Over time the elastic band becomes stiff, brittle and weak – so much that if you tried to stretch it out again, it would snap!  This is identical to your muscles and what happens when your stop using them.

Another reason to ensure you continue training is that in the unfortunate even of you needing to use your self defence skills, there may not be time to stop and think, “Oh, what was thay move again?”

So at TSDA, we have a pathway for our Black Belts to follow to keep their motivation loevels up, to increase the advanced skills, to start “applying” what they have learnt!  The possibilities and opportunities are endless!

See below just a few of the opportunities and pathways for Black Belts at TSDA – for more information, please see Master Kevin or Jaime!

New Member  —> Coloured Belts  —> Black Belt  —> 1st Dan (18mths), 2nd Dan (2 & 1/2 yrs) etc

New Member  —> Coloured Belts  —> Black Belt  —> Leadership Program

New Member  —> Coloured Belts  —> Black Belt  —> Assistant / Trainee / Senior Instructor

New Member  —> Coloured Belts  —> Black Belt  —> Advanced Weaponary Training

New Member  —> Coloured Belts  —> Black Belt  —> Tournament Training / Competition

New Member  —> Coloured Belts  —> Black Belt  —> Own your own TSDA!


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