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The Journey of Hapkido ~ How Long Will It Take Me to get My Black Belt?

2e1ax default entry KarateBeltsWe are frequently asked, “How many belts are there before I get my Black Belt?” Although the colour of your belt is extremely important, it is the training and skills you develop along the way that are really important.  Achieving a Black Belt is a monumental step in your martial arts training, one that is earned every class!

Here is a break down of the belt order, along with the time usually it takes to achieve it (with regular training), and the self defence techniques you will learn with that belt…


White Belt – Starting Belt

Outside Wrist Single Hand, & Double Hands

Grabbing Behind Belt



Yellow 8 – 3 months

Attacking Joints


yellow bstripe

Yellow 7 – 6 months

Inside Wrist


blue belt

Blue 6 – 9 months

Against Punch


blue w

Blue 5 -  12 months

Outside Wrist


karatebelt 008 2

Blue 4 – 15 months

Sleeves, Shoulder, Neck Band Joint Twists


red belt

Red 3 – 18 months

Neckband Single Hand, Double Hands

Grabbing Front Top of Belt & Under

Behind Catching


21wRPER3sPLRed 2 – 21 months

Outside Wrist Double Hand Hittings

Throwing Joint Twist

2 Hands on 1


red black

Red 1 – 2 years

Against Punch & Joint Twists

Catch Whole Body Front & Behind



Bo Dan Black Belt – 2 years 3 months


Dan black belt

1st Dan Black Belt – 2 ½ years (3 month wait)

2nd Dan Black Belt  – 3 ½ years (1 year wait)

3rd Dan Black Belt  – 5 ½ years (2 year wait)

4th Dan Black Belt  – 8 ½ years (3 year wait)

5th Dan Black Belt  – 12 ½ years (4 year wait)

6th Dan  Black Belt  – 17 ½ years (5 year wait)

7th Dan  Black Belt  – 23 ½ years (6 year wait)

8th Dan  Black Belt  – 31 ½ years (8 year wait)

9th Dan  Black Belt  – 40 ½ years (9 year wait) ** Grand Master Sung Soo Lee **

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