Training Twice a weekIn our fast paced lives these days, we are so time poor that we try to squeeze the most we can into every day.  So, how would you train twice a week, if even getting to TSDA once a week is sometimes a stretch?

Let's go back to the reasons for training in martial arts to begin with.  There have been numerous studies outlining the benefits associated with martial arts training that extend beyond the essential self defence skills learnt.  Essential life skills such as enhanced focus, discipline, self control, along with improved cofidence, coordination, fitness and flexibility are just a few of those benefits.  

What is the real "benefits" of training twice a week?

You will see results and improvements training once a week, however they will be slow.  If you miss a week, there is a big gap (14 days) before your next session.  Motivation can drop rapidly, and frustration can kick in when you "forget" what you learned last lesson.  If you happen to miss 2 weeks, then there's at least 21 days before your next lesson!  And you can see how hard it could be to maintain your momentum in learning dynamic skills if you had 21 days between lessons.  It can be seen like you're treading water, not getting anywhere, and you may even feel like you're going backwards slightly.

Strength and fitness decreases dramatically with large breaks in training also.  You can expect to lose some strength and fitness after 14 day break.  Therefore if your only exercise is martial arts, even missing one class, you have moved backwards slightly in your journey!  Of course there are other factors related to strength and fitness loss such as age, gender, genetics, history of training etc.

Alot of "stuff" can happen in the 7 days between training, if you are only training once a week.  Before you know it your lesson has rolled around again and you haven't managed to get any practice in!  Your instructor is standing in front of you asking you what do you remember from last week, and you go blank!  Arghhh frustration!

Let's look at training twice a week!

The results congruent with training twice a week far outweigh those of once a week.  Whatever your goal is with your martial arts training, the results indicate getting to your dojang at least twice a week will improve your overall health, well being and happiness!  See you in class!