Winter is just around the around the corner and the cold weather is coming. This is the most important time to keep up your training and not slacken off.

The benefits on training in winte…

It is important to keep your training up during winter, as it helps with the blood flow through your body and keeps you from getting injuries, torn muscles and ligaments. Training through the cold months of the year gets you out of the winter blues.

At TSDA the atmosphere is energetic all year round!

During winter, muscles seem to tighten up. Doing extra stretching will help you prevent your hamstrings, backs and arms tightening up.

Members should stretch every 2nd day. Your hamstrings are like elastic bands. As you stretch your hamstrings on day 1, you rest on day 2, allowing the hamstring to slightly retract and recover. Then on day 3 you stretch your hamstrings again, then repeat the cycle.

This will allow you to become more flexible over the years. Allowing you to reach further, kick that bag high and easier and most of all reduce your injury rate,especially during winter.


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