What are the benefits of learning martial arts?

Our belief at TSDA is every person deserves to live a happy, confident life – free of fear and bullying.  Unfortunately bullying is prevalent in all stages of life, whether it be in the school, office and even in your own home with cyber bullying.  It seems to be everywhere with no escape.

Training in martial arts has many misconceptions – such as – it is violent, encourages physical confrontation and is negative.  However, these couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, martial arts develops many life skills that filter through to all parts of your life, and extend far beyond classes at TSDA.

Martial arts students benefit through developing life skills of increased confidence, self-respect, setting and achieving goals, improving focus and discipline, and enhancing socialization skills – essential life skills to living the happy life you want and want for your children.  Having these life skills minimizes the chance of being intimidated and a victim of bullying.  These skills are on top of the physical skills taught such as specific self defence techniques and an increase in fitness and strength.

The best gift you can possibly give you and/or your child, is the gift of training in martial arts – TSDA way!


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