What can I expect in a training session?

Our class training sessions vary between an hour to an hour and half in duration.  Each class we have a different focus, from flexibility to rolls and falling to sparring to self defence for grading.  However, each class does have set exercises that we cover.

A general class consists of a dynamic warm up, including stretching and basic moves.  This warms our body up and gets the blood flowing to the muscles that require it.  The warm up component also prepares the ligaments for the various kicks and moves we will do during class.

After our warm up and basic moves/kicks, we move into practicing our execution of kicks on the bags.  This helps us build strength in our kicks and also the ensuring the correct execution of the move.  We move through on the spot kicks to running jump kicks and may even here incorporate some falls and rolling to learn how NOT to hurt ourselves should we get knocked to the ground in real life situations.

After the bag and mat section of the class, we move into our partner work with non-contact sparring and self defence.  Generally, each student is matched with the same belt (or similar experience level), and also similar height and size.  This is where the instructor/s give individual attention to each student revising past techniques learned and teaching 1-2 new techniques.

Finally, in our cool down, we may even add a short fitness component to work our anaerobic cardiovascular fitness!

Each instructor has different skills to offer – and therefore each class is slightly different!  We do, however, aim to provide the WOW factor in each and every class!


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