Kids BullyProof Confidence Program

We're Done With Bullying. Are you?

TSDA’s 8 week BullyProof Confidence Program is aimed to help children overcome the negative impact of bullying. Participants will develop skills and tools to help deal with bullying or being confronted by a bully plus increase confidence and awareness.

Our Bully-Proof Program will equip children with the right preventative and conclusive tools on how to deal with the different levels of bullying. We discuss bullying concerns or becoming the bully. We teach how to deal with the different levels of bullying and finish up with some scenario training to make sure that they can react using the skills taught under pressure.  

During the program the Rule of “R.A.D” will be taught: Recognise the danger, Avoid getting into verbal conflict, Defend (street smart techniques).

This 8 week program will teach children specific skills how to protect themselves, give them life skills and tools needed to increase their confidence, and walk away with a plan of how to deal with Bullying!

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